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About Us

&Nbsp;   Xuzhou true love Wedding Services Ltd was founded in October 2004, is a wedding, celebration, performances, conferences and other professional services organization, Xuzhou are larger wedding service, celebration, meeting performance service companies. Xuzhou wedding, and Xuzhou wedding company, and Xuzhou wedding planning, and Xuzhou wedding planning company, and Xuzhou wedding company quotes, and Xuzhou wedding etiquette, and Xuzhou wedding supplies, and Xuzhou wedding planning, and Xuzhou best of wedding company, since company established 6 years yilai has has became Xuzhou high-end wedding planning consultant company one of, for thousand on new planning build has personality fashion theme wedding, interpretation love story, show wedding value.
&Nbsp;   company has a large number of renowned in the industry, Senior Planner, photographer, photographers, make-up stylist, float up the Division. We use a high quality of service, high quality style, in the spirit of dedication and relentless pursuit of wedding culture and taste. Elite teams go perfect for you to create your own unique wedding, hundreds of well-known international brands unique to wedding dress just for you. To leave every couple with romantic, warm memories, left a shining now for the enterprise and draw up a better tomorrow.